As Seen on Love Your Garden

As featured on Love Your Garden in 2015 and 2019, Aqua Globe can offer something very special and unique to your garden.

Series 5: Episode 3

In 2015, Love Your Garden wanted to find something different for the Finney Family and that’s when they found our Aqua Globe water feature for the garden. Aqua Globe produces these beautiful acrylic spheres which break the mould in ornamental water features. With this spherical water feature the strong straight lines of the raised beds contrast but complement each other with their modern style.

Here at Aqua Globe we can provide the reservoir casing if you so wish but Love Your Garden, however, the AquaGlobe can be complemented by a range of other options, such as the funky option selected for the Finney family. They used a concrete drainage ring to house the reservoir and topped it off with a metal disc, which when put together looks stunningly modern.

Aqua Globe can do the same as this acrylic sphere in granite or even steel and they can come in a range of sizes for an additional cost. On this particular episode, Love Your Garden went for the 600m diameter globe for this garden and the fun doesn’t stop there; for that extra bit of design flare the globe lights up at night.

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Series 9: Episode 5

In 2019, Aqua Globe featured on Love Your Garden again.

Love Your Garden wanted to give Isla a great experience every time she used the space and knew that Isla loved water, so it was a no brainer to add a stunning water globe from Aqua Globe.

Our Aqua Globes comes with its own reservoir which can be set out of sight into the ground or raised above ground. The reservoir is concealed by a polished stainless steel platform which the acrylic globe sits upon. The water movement creates the illusion that the sphere is actually floating on the stainless steel platform.

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