Stainless Steel Water Features... A Steal from just £795

Indoor and Outdoor water features come in a variety of materials to meet both personal preferences and to suit the myriad of environments in which water features can make such an impact.

Stainless steel water features are perennially popular. In steel. Aqua Globe’s effect is contemporary and cool, perfect for commercial water features or the corporate environment.

Our stainless steel water features’ reflective properties pick up surrounding colours and with water hugging their surfaces, seem to come to life. Whether you desire to animate a corner within your garden at home, add a dramatic centerpiece to a bland commercial area or turn a small urban garden into an oasis of calm, our self contained water features are ideal.


Self contained water features:

We have a range of different sizes and styles available with the Original AquaGlobe steel water feature measuring at 700mm in width.

A complementary marble basin measures 1080 mm in width and has a height of 390mm. Weight 75kg, water capacity 145 litres. Plus is complete with LED lighting.

In ground reservoir:

In ground reservoirs for our garden water features measure 590mm in width and 300mm in height. Water capacity is 90 litres. Cable length is 10m.

Affordable prices

At aim to provide both indoor and outdoor water features that bring an aura of calm and instantaneous beauty to your garden or commercial outdoor space, at great value for money prices.

Complete with in ground reservoir, our standard size stainless steel water features costs just £795.

With white marble water basin, self-contained water features (in stainless steel and standard size) cost £995.

If you are trying to create garden water features or commercial water features that incorporate more than one globe, we can supply you with a kit for outdoor water features. Please contact us and we will do our best to meet your specific outdoor water feature requirements.

Outdoor water feature kits include:

  • stainless steel drilled water feature globe with connection pipe at base.
  • flexible pipe to connect to the base of the ball
  • jubilee clips (in stainless steel) to connect the pipe to the stainless steel globe and the pump
  • a suitably rated mains operated pump (submersible) ready to connect to the flexible pipe
  • heavy duty reservoir

If you have any questions regarding our stainless steel water features or any garden water features within the Aqua Globe range, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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