Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please use the contact us page.

How much will my Aquaglobe cost to run?

Aquaglobes are designed to run continuously. The combined power consumption of both the pump and light is 20watts which will cost less than 10 pence per day. This can be reduced slightly if you use the Aquaglobe light timer.

How do I keep my Aquaglobe clean?

The addition of Aquaglobes Crystal Clear essential maintenance is recommended. This will ensure as the name suggest, your Aquaglobe will remain crystal clear.

What should I do with my Aquaglobe in winter?

Once temperatures get towards freezing, turn the Aquaglobe off. The water will drain out of the globe into and overflow out of the reservoir. The globe and the pump can be left in situ throughout winter.

Can I use pebbles on the reservoir instead of the stainless steel plate?

You could but we don’t recommend it. The stainless steel plate is a very important part of the overall visual appeal, without it you loose that all important “floating” appearance with the water rippling over the reflective plate.

From our experience it is very difficult to wash pebbles sufficiently and any dust left at all ends up in suspension, spoiling that crystal clear appearance.

I have filled my Aquaglobe with water and it looks misty and not clear like the ones on your website?

When you first fill your Aquaglobe surface tension hold small bubbles to the inner surface, giving the Aquaglobe a translucent appearance. Don’t worry, these will dissipate usually overnight. This process can be speeded up with the addition of Rinse Aid.

I live in an area where the water is quite hard. Could this be a problem?

No this isn’t a problem but we do recommend that you take preventative precautions but adding water softening tablets, to prevent the build up of limescale. Should you find that limescale has built up on any of the surfaces of your feature do not try to scrub it off as this can scratch both acrylic and stainless steel surfaces. Spray a proprietary limescale remover onto any affected areas and allow the chemical to dissolve the limescale. Then simply wipe off the residue with a soft cloth.

How much does delivery of an Aquaglobe cost?

Delivery charges start from £75 depending on size and postcode.